Zodiacs: to believe or not to believe?

Okay, now that’s a highly debateable topic. Actually, may be not so debateable because it isn’t very frequently talked about either, but I’m into this zodiac business, like not literally in the business of it but it does interest me to an extent. And the time I developed interest in it was when I discovered my own zodiac sign, like finally. We have some complicated calendar issues so I was always told that my sun sign is this and that and then apparently some moon sign exists too, like wow! Really? I mean, I’m not that deep into zodiac yet to be able to figure it all yet but I do find it intriguing somehow. Maybe because since the time I read about my zodiac, I could relate to it so much that my jaw literally fell to the floor. I am not one of those really superstitious kinds, believe me. But it literally blew my mind, nearly every trait was mine. Hence I started doing some research on it, like just a bit. I’m doing that right now too. Sometimes when I’m really bored and I have nothing to do, I randomly start researching about zodiacs and try to link different people I know with different zodiacs to the mentioned personality traits.


What I’ve learned is, you could be partially under the influence of your apparent planet or maybe well, completely under it. Having said that, the moon might just be right on top of my head that way. Jokes apart, I came to one little conclusion. This might sound very obvious, but it’s a matter of faith. There are people who read their horoscopes every morning and actually try to link everything that happens during the day with that. I know that sounds absurd but it’s true. You’d probably be thinking that someone has to exhaustively be creepy and on the verge of a nervous breakdown to be doing that, but believe me, they’re perfectly normal people. It’s just faith that they have in destiny and fate. They believe in stuff like palm reading and horoscopes, maybe because of the beliefs their families, or maybe because they’ve felt at some point of time that these things actually turned out correct. Faith could be a result of n number of things and you can’t take that away from it. It takes something to build faith, a habit, a tradition or a proof maybe, but once you begin to have faith in something like that, you suck on to it like a leech.Since faith takes so long to build and lasts so long, one may go berserk or become absolutely dysfunctional once their faith is doubted, like they’d lose their temper over it maybe. I’m not an extremist here, I’m someone who reads this stuff for a hobby, people even make careers out of it. This in a whole industry, believe it or not.


An industry built and surviving on faith of people and dealing with premonitions and future prediction etc. Even though I personally have always had a little faith in zodiacs, I don’t exactly get someone can predict what happens in the future. I don’t even believe that a planet can decide the kind of person you are or what you’re likely to succeed at. I mean if you actually begin to read about this, you’d realise that they even mention suitable career paths based on your sunsign. I mean how can anyone tell what a person would be good at without knowing them really? They just pass those judgements based on the personality traits of particular sun signs but it all still seems pretty vague and hollow to me. And then again, you have compatibility tests. Now this is a funny incident. But I’ve been told by one of my friends that she couldn’t date a guy she liked because his and her sun signs weren’t compatible. Yes, I was equally appalled to hear that. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? That’s the point where I realised that you do need to draw a line somewhere especially when it comes to these things. I mean, think of the poor guy. She just decided to let go of him because he was born on a certain date. Your birth date shouldn’t become a punishment right? There are countless people in the world who are nothing like what their zodiac signs would otherwise suggest.


People sometimes go frantic reading their horoscopes in their morning if they read that something is going to go wrong today, or if it says that they’re going to have a romance oriented day, they dress up and put makeup on like they’re going clubbing in the night while and that when they don’t have even have boyfriends or have no plans of meeting them. I know this sounds unbelievable to an extent, but it happens. Have faith yes, no harm in that, but don’t push it. No planet is going to determine your day or your life or what you’re going to do. It might give you some insight about yourself but that’s about it. Take it in good spirits and let go. You as an individual don’t even completely associate with your parents on so many things and you have their genes, so think about the role a distant planet could play. You must never overdo anything, not even faith. Believe in yourself, and believe that you’re going to drive your destiny and not vice versa.


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